Monday, 12 November 2012

Portabello Market

On Saturday I took a trip to one of my favorite places in London...Portabello Road! Shame its been such a cloudy, rainy week here in London but that didn't stop me from browsing and taking a trip to the cinema, where I watched 'Rust and Bone' with Marion Cotillard (who gives an amazing performance as ever) The Electric Cinema is sadly still under construction but we went to The Gate cinema which was just as nice, cinemas designed to look like theatres are so much more aesthetically pleasing than the modern multiplex ones!
Anyway, for a style blog oddly I don't actually have an outfit to show...I was recovering from the Friday night so my look was as Sammy described, 'heroin chic' ...but Kate Moss I was not. Tomorrow however I promise to update with an actual outfit!! For now enjoy these beautiful pictures shot by lovely Sammy.

   I especially love the reflection of the buildings inside the large bubble!
   Necklace: Boden
  Don't you just love this mans are what you sell? CHEEKY!