Tuesday, 27 November 2012


So this is my 3rd week or something ridiculous like that, being unemployed again. I am going completely insane, and whilst I'd love to use all this free time into the blog, I have no working camera or anyone to take the actual pictures as everyone's working/in university (selfish people..ha!) Maybe I just need to save up better and get my own DSLR! I've been meaning to for a while, got my eye on the beaut Canon 550D. Tomorrow I shall be meeting a friend who takes great photos, so hopefully will update with an outfit post tomorrow. For now, here is a few saved photos from around the glorious interweb, showing my current obsessions  leather, lace and denim! I might be brave and don denim on denim tomorrow! I for one think its incredibly awesome if done right, but done wrong and we're back to THAT Britney and Justin moment.

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  1. I love these inspiration photos!

    xo Jennifer