Wednesday, 30 January 2013

This Is Getting Silly...

Top & Riding Pants: American Apparel, Mono shirt: Next, 
Boots: Yesstyle, iphone case: Urban Outfitters

So this is what its come to. Crappy selfie from instagram. I blame only myself...should have DEFIANTLY bought a camera...instead of goodness knows what I spend the money on! (most probably food) Yesterday I actually got the chance to get a few snaps whilst at Sams, but (through no fault of his own may I add) lets just say grainy is not even the word for the photos. It was so dark inside, don't know why I fooled myself into thinking it would work! But its okay, I suppose I'm being quite melodramatic, its not the be all and end all of not having amazing HD photos all the time...I'LL SURVIVE!
Anyway, I have a few exciting opportunities coming up, freelance work with a designer mainly...but fingers crossed it involves attending London Fashion Week! Which would be great (and only my 2nd time!) I'm thrilled with how the blog is progressing, of course still very brand new but I have a good feeling about something! Okok I shall stop rambling, this is the part where I talk about the outfit? Urm riding pants because its not like I don't already own about 2 million pairs of black trousers from American Apparel (sarcasm and slight exaggeration) Teamed with their button up shirt, and added this black and white graphic shirt on top just for good measure. Also, you can't see very well...but I'm wearing a 90's scrunchie.

That's right.
Its happening.

love and cuddles

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  1. How nice! Congratulations! <3<3

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