Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Pre-Fall Collections

Images from wwd, edited by me

These are just some of my favourite pieces from all the latest Pre-Fall '13 collections that have been released. Not that I've completely grasped WHEN you'd actually have time to wear the items and how you can even AFFORD to purchase Pre-Fall items and then start your A/W '13 collection...but a girl can still dream right? I've chosen these particular looks because they feel like statement pieces that you can wear all the way through to Autumn and Winter and basically your whole life, (slight exaggeration?) Black, whites and greys, all in turtleneck if possible. Oh and tailored to the max, kthnx. Not forgetting of course to include splashes of glossy, rich earthly colours.

Do you have any favourites? 


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  2. Ooh, I am SO in love with the pleated skirt! <3

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