Monday, 7 January 2013


This is a weird bag of random inspiration I have for this week. But I shall try to give appropriate reasons for each...The first image just made me crave a nose piercing even more than I already did. Maybe not the 'bull ring' type like hers, but a little hoop in the corner...but realistically I don't think I will get one yet for many uncomplicated reasons...*sigh*. The Breakfast at Tiffany's screen capture just makes me glad I recently bought the lipstick 'Mexican Wave' by Louise Gray, orange is defiantly my new red at the moment. I cant stop thinking about denim on denim, and whilst browsing Hanneli's older posts, it just reminded me why it works so well. 

Urm. Does that image even need an explanation  A little girl is wearing a snakeskin leather dress with a Chanel bag by her side. What is my life? Also she kind of makes me want to get a  pair of trainers, never thought I'd say that as I'm defiantly not on this wedge-sneaker, Airmax or New Balance *insert any other popular trend* wave. Lastly Ashley Olsen proving why she's probably my preferred twin, as much as I appreciate Mary-Kate's boho vibe, Ashley is classier and more understated in my opinion. I feel to throw out my whole wardrobe and only buy black, white and grey. But of course I won't. Because I'm more broke than I care to think about.

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