Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Hat: H&M, Jumper: Sparrow, Skirt: Topshop (here) Coat: Vintage, Glasses: Brick Lane Market, Shoes: Dr. Martens

Hello munchkins, I was feeling particularly groovy today wearing my two most recent purchases. I bought this amazing wide brim fedora hat from H&M the other day, I've always wanted to own a floppy hat tehe, and this was such a reasonable price! And secondly my new paisley patterned psychedelic skirt, with a wonderful dip pelmet detail from Topshop. With the 'pimp' fur coat as I like to call it and my favourite teashade glasses, this whole look felt very 'sixties hippie'. I wish I could wear this hat everyday, however with the awful wind it kept blowing away every 5 embarrassing. I also took pictures of my bestie Jess, who is so stunning I can't wait to show you all her! That will be posted Sunday as part of 'Fashion Friend of the Week' so keep your eyes peeled!



  1. Love that sweater!

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  2. I love that coral shade! It looks so so so gorgeous on you! <3

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