Sunday, 16 December 2012


Here are some images inspiring me at the moment, pretty much in awe of huge floppy hats, (that's their technical name...right?) gives me that boho French vibe. Also, recently watched 'Dazed and Confused' and not only is it a great movie, but the fashion is amazing! The flares, double denims, fringes and just Milla Jovovich in general is mad hot. Underwear. Underwear is always relevent. Oh and hot also...especially lacy frilly ones! Lastly is the beautiful style icon Bridget Bardot, how cute are her dotty trousers? Must get myself a pair, and her hair as usual is super adorable. These were images found from various websites, and I've just edited slightly on Photoshop to give them a graphicy vibe, credit for artists is on my old Livejournal account.


  1. Super cute post dear!
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