Monday, 18 February 2013


The collection was full of beautiful and bold prints, with a key focus on love and war as an undergoing theme. Having migrated from Sierra Leone 9 years ago, Fifi has worked her way up to have her first ever London Fashion Week show and it defiantly won't be her last!

My second favourite collection was the stunning handmade lace and silk creations by Sonata Lingerie, the fabric fit the models delicately making sure to flatter their bodies, the whole collection in general was of course very sensual and felt luxurious. Check out her website and shop around for a belated valentines surprise for the other half...

On Saturday I attended my first 'Fashions Finest' show during London Fashion Week, this event is great for discovering and raising the profiles of new and exciting designers. I was lucky to attend as I have recently got in contact with the wonderful design brand Sydney-Davies, having interned with Alexander McQueen and basically being a one man band (she does all her sketching, sewing, marketing and business!) She is extremely gifted and I already know big things are going to happen for her, I went along and snapped up some images (tried to anyway, being a near midget really screws up life lol) unfortunately forgot to ask someone to take my picture, and I'm not going to lie I looked tots cute. Oh the shame. Anyways, my camera should HOPEFULLY be arriving tomorrow, and I might also be going along to the rest of LFW to interview fellow bloggers etc... We shall see, I will come out of this cave I promise guys!